Delete Account Yahoo – Step by Step Guide

In the current article, we are going to talk about delete account Yahoo, a internet portal you should know. We are making reference to a world-famous webmail service. It is impossible not to hear about it because it is a considered on of the most famous email services across the world. Yeah, we are talking about Yahoo, which can be defined as an internet services provider that is located in California, United States.

Nowadays, it is considered as one of the most famous websites in the United States due to its increasing popularity. It provides its users with the most incredible features including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! News, and much more.

It is not possible mention all features provided by this service because they are many, but a large amount of people use it as a webmail service. According to many users, it can be considered as one of the best webmail services at present.

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There are a great amount of benefits offered by Yahoo, but they are not enough for many people. It is for this reason why many users are interested in closing their Yahoo accounts. Even if it is considered an excellent, it is possible that many people are uncomfortable with the service for many reasons, so they want to close their accounts and forget about it. It is for this reason why we have decided to explain how to delete account Yahoo in the most efficient way.

What you have to know before closing your Yahoo account

Before deciding to remove your Yahoo account, there are some things you should know. First of all, you have to keep in mind that every material you have saved in that account will automatically be removed from the net. If you have saved important information in your email messages, you have to know that you will lose all this data once you have deleted your account. It is also important to mention that you will not be capable of accessing topictures, images or any other data saved in services provided by Yahoo.

Another important aspect you should take into account is that you are required to cancel any subscription provided by Yahoo before removing your account. In case you do not remember to cancel all these suspirations, you are going continue to pay them, which is not fair to you. If you have decided not to use Yahoo any more, you are not required to pay for its services. It does not make sense. So, you have to cancel those subscriptions in order to avoid concerns related to Yahoo on the future.

The above mentioned information is very important because removing your account do not automatically cancel payments related to Yahoo, which means that you need to cancel your subscriptions as soon as possible. Apart form this; something that is important to say is that any friend that tries to send email messages to your deleted account Yahoo will receive a failure message. For this reason, you have to talk to your friends about your decision in order to avoid any problem.

How to delete account Yahoo

delete account yahoo

To begin the deletion process, you are required to go to the delete user page and sign in to the account you want to remove. In case you are not capable of locating any option to delete your account, it is probable that you have a BT Yahoo Mail account. It is very important for you to verify this information in order to continue to remove the account. It is also important to say that you have the option of recovering your password in case you do not remember this information.

Then, you will see thepage where you will check everything you are going to lose if you remove your account. It could sound stupid, but trust us when we say that it is not. You are possibly going to lose something that is important for you, so check this information carefully before taking a decision. If you definitely want to delete your Yahoo account, look for the Continue button and tap on it.

Once you have tapped on this button, you are required to type the email address you want to remove in the box you are going to see. Then, tap on the Yes, terminate this account option and that is all. After doing this, you have to read a message saying that the account has been deactivated, which means that the deletion process concluded successfully finally, you have to select the Sounds good option to be redirected to the homepage.

How to remove a BT Yahoo Premium account

Do you remember when we say that you have to verify if you have a BT Yahoo Premium account previously? Well, you are going to explain what you have to do if you want to do it. If you have this kind of Yahoo account, you will not be able to remove it by using the previous process. In consequence, you are required to contact British Communications to request for your account to be closed. This is the only option you have to delete account Yahoo definitely.

Things you should consider about deleting your Yahoo account

Once you have decided to delete account Yahoo, you have to keep in mind that your username and email address can be used by another person at any time. This means the your old contacts can send email messages to that person if you did not report that you have removed that account. This can be problematic for you because that person can receive any information important for you. So, you need to report that your account has been removed. Otherwise, you will suffer the inescapable consequences.

Another important aspect you should take into account is that you have the option of reactivating your Yahoo account if you want to do it. In order to recover your, you are required to wait 40 days after you deleted the account. Then, sign in as you always have done. When you recover you account, everything will return to normal.