Delete Account Uber – Step by Step Guide

In this particular occasion, we are going to explore some interesting aspects related to an application very popular in these times, and and how to delete account Uber. We are making reference to a very popular application that has been released in 2009, is very famous in the entire world and its head office is located in California, United States.

If you have not guessed what application we are making reference to, we are talking about Uber. It is considered as one of the most famous apps across the entire world for many reasons.

Uber can be considered as a transportation network company that provides its users with a wide range of services in the entire world, including taxi cab and food delivery. According to some important sources, it currently has operations in more than 600 cities within and outside the United States due to its excellent service and quality.

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Everyone who wants to use its services is required to do it by accessing to its webpages and mobile applications.

Even if it is considered one of the best services of its kind, all is not rosy. We say this because the company has been the subject of some legal proceedings and protests by certain countries. For this and many other reasons, there is a large amount of users who are interested in delete account Uber. Taking into account this situation, we believe that it is our duty to explain how to do it in order to help these users to delete their accounts definitely.

How I can delete account Uber forever

Now, we are going to explain you how to delete account Uber and remove all data related to it. There are two ways of doing this, so you will choose the best one for you. The first one consists of using the Uber application, so you have to open it in order to start with the deletion process. In case you have not signed into your account yet, you are required to do it by entering you email address in the provided text box. If you do not want to enter your email address, you can also enter the phone number which is associated with the account you want to delete.

delete account uber

Once you are in your Uber account, you have to find the three little lines that are located at the top of the screen. After tapping on this button, you have to look for the Help button and tap on it too. Then, you need to go to the Account and Payment button. In case you can not find this button, it is bellow the Accessibility option. Once you have found and tapped the option, look for the Accounts and Settings section. Now, you are required to find the Delete my Uber account option and select it. In case you are not capable of finding it, it is located at the bottom of the screen.

how to delete account uber

After following the previous instructions, you need to enter Yes in the text box the platform will provide you. With this word, you make it very clear that you want to delete account Uber in a definite way. Once you have entered the word Yes in the text box you were provided with, you will see a field saying Share details. In this field, you are required to enter the reason why you want to delete account Uber. In this case, you can provide any answer you want because it will not affect the deletion process in any way. To finish, you need to tap on the Submit button and that is all.

Second way of deleting your Uber account definitely

The second way of deleting your Uber account consists of using the Uber official website. In this case, you are required to go to the account deletion tab by using the following link You can start with this deletion process by using a personal computer or a cell phone. You just have to use the browser from any of those devices. Once you are in the account deletion tab, you have to find the Sign To Get Help option. In case you have signed into the official website, you can omit this step without any problem.

delete uber account

Now, you need to type the email address or the phone number you have associated with the Uber account you want to delete. Then, select the Next button and type your password. In case you have forgotten you password, tap on Forgot Password?option and follow the instructions provided by the platform in order to recover it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you will need the password to continue with the deletion process. Otherwise, you will not be capable of complete it.

eliminate uber account

Once you have tapped on the Next button, you will see a question saying Do you wish to delete your account. In the provided text box, you will enter the word Yes in order to make it clear you definitely want to remove the account. After entering the word Yes, you will see a field saying Share details as with the previous deletion process. You will enter any answer because it will not affect the process in any way. To finish, you are required to select the Submit button, wait a few seconds, and that is all.

What I can do if want to recover my deleted Uber account

In case you change your mind and want to recover your deleted Uber account, you can do it without any problem. However, there are some aspects you should take into account. First of all, you should know that you will have four weeks to start with the recovery process. In you do not try to reactive your Uber account over that period of time, you will definitely lose it forever. Another option you have is to contact Uber Technical Support and it will do the rest.

desactivate uber account

How to delete the Uber application

In case you want to delete the Uber application, tap on the Uber app Icon and press it for a few seconds. Then, go to the Delete button, which can be found as an X. To finish, select the Delete option and it will definitely be deleted from your device. In case you change your mind, just install the app one more time and open another account.