Delete Account Telegram – Step by Step Guide

There are some online platforms we constantly use in order to make our lives easier in this modern world. However, there are many others we do not know because they are not very popular. In this occasion, we are going to talk about a platform, which know as Telegram. It can be defined as cloud-based instant messaging provider. This world-famous company is located in the United Kingdom. And provides its customers with the most awesome features including sending messages, exchanging pictures, and much more.

The best part of this instant messaging service is that it is capable of running on most of mobile operating systems. Including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and so on. According to the information given by some sources related to this kind of platform. There are two million active users at the moment, which means that this provider is one of the most popular instant messaging services across the world. It is becoming popular thanks to its multiples features.

It is undeniable that Telegram is one of the most famous instant messaging services at present and many people want to use it. However, it is not a perfect provider and many people want to delete their accounts because there are uncomfortable. This disapproval has many reasons, but they are not important in this case. The most important thing is they want to remove their accounts, but they do not know how to do it. For this reason, we have decided to explain how to delete account Telegram.

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How to delete account Telegram on Android

delete account telegram

If you have decided to close your Telegram account and you do not know how to do it, do not worry about it. We are going to explain you how to do it. The first thins you need to do is to go to  in your device´s web browser. The best option for you is to use Google Chrome, but there are cases where devices do not come with this browser installed. If this is your case, you are required to go to the application you normally use in order to start with the deletion process.

how to delete account telegram

Before trying to do it, it is important to mention that it is impossible to remove your Instagram account by entering the application, so do not waste your time. You have to go to any browser to start with the process. Once you have entering the website, you are required to enter your phone number in the text box provided by the page. Take into account that this instant messaging service need you to enter any country code in order to continue with the process. In case you do not know what the country code is, it is the number at the beginning.


After doing that, you are required to select the Next button. Then, you are going to receive an authentication code that via text messaging. The pagewill go to demand you to enter the authentication code in order to continue with the deletion process. Once you have entered the coda, you have to tap on the Sign in button and wait for a few seconds. After signing in, you will be able to see three options: API development Tools, Deactivate Account, and Log out. Tap on Deactivate Account.

What you have to do to delete your account definitely

When you tap on the Deactivate Account option, you are going to see a confirmation tab, which lets you know that the process concluded correctly. Before you continue, you have keep in mind that you are going to lose all information saved in the application, including instant messages and contacts. In case you are not very sure about the importance of this information, it may make more sense to wait and verify it carefully. If this data is truly not important, you can continue without any problem.

Now, select the Done button and the reason why you want to remove your Telegram account definitely. Even if the reason you have selected is not the real one, it will not affect the deletion process. For this reason, you can choose any reason and it will be ok. Finally, select the Yes, delete my account button. Now, your Telegram account is definitely removed from the website.

How to delete Telegram account from your tablet

delete telegram

The deletion process from a tablet is very simple. You are just required to go to the icon of the application and look for the Uninstall button. To finish, tap on the OK button and you have deleted the account from your tablet. As you can see, it is one of the easiest ways of deleting a Telegram accounts.

How to delete Telegram account on personal computers and Macs

If you want to delete you Telegram account on your personal computer or Mac, the process is very different to the previous ones. In this se you have the option of using any web browser you want, including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. Once you have opened your web browser, you have to go to the link, which is the deletion page you have to use in these cases. Just enter the link and press the Enter button or, otherwise, the Return button.

eliminate telegram

After doing this, you are going to see a text box where you have to type the same phone number you previously associated with the account you want to delete. As with the previous deletion process, you have to type the country code, including the + icon. Once you have to enter the phone number and the country code, you have to tap on the Next button to continue. Almost immediately, you are going to receive a confirmation code via text messaging. You have to provide the page with this same confirmation code you have received.

desactivate telegram

When you type the confirmation code received by your mobile device, you have to tap on the Sign in button and wait a few seconds. If you have entered the code correctly, you will be redirected to the Delete you Account? tab. To finish, you have to tap on the Done button, which will close your Telegram account immediately.