Delete Account Imvu – Step by Step Guide

This time we are going to talk about how to delete account Imvu, a social game with instant messaging environment, related to metaverses. IMVU can be defined as a metaverse and an instant messaging service that can be used by anyone anywhere in the world.

This metaverse was launched in 2004 by the Menlo Investors company with the main objective of offering a modern form of mass communication.

With this awesome platform, users have the option of meeting new people, chatting, creating, and playing games at the same time. According to the information provided by some relevant sources, it currently has mora than 4 million active users across the world, but this amount of people is growing everyday.

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Even if it is an incredible platform with many benefits, many people want to delete their accounts for many reasons. It is why we are going to explain how to delete account IMVU in the most efficient way.

How to delete account IMVU easily

delete account Imvu

According to the information published by the Community Center of IMVU, there are some instructions to be followed in order to delete your IMVU account. First, it is important to mention that having this account is completely free of charge, which means that you have the option of conserving it even if you do not use it every time. If you still want to delete it anyway, you must do the following.

how delete account Imvu

The first thing you have to do is to find the Delete Account tab in the official website. Once you are in this tab, you have to type your password in order to confirm that you are the one who wants to delete that account and avoid any kind of security problem in this case. By the way, in the window you have to type your password, you are going to see your username and the amount of credits you are going to lose if your delete the account. If you do not mind, you can continue with the process.

delete you Imvu account

Look for the Continue button and tap on it. Then, you have wait for some seconds and the process of deletion will be completed without any problem. After doing this, you are going to receive an email message in which you are going to see the confirmation of deletion if your account. Then, if you are interested in going to the catalog of the platform, you just have to tap on the Back to store button and that is all. If you have followed these steps, your IMVU account has been deleted in a successful way.

delete Imvu account

How to reactivate my IMVU account

In case you have delete account IMVU and you want to reactivate it, you do not have to worry about because we can help you with this information. The first you are required to do is to verify the mail that you previously associated to your service of this platform. We said this because you have had received a confirmation mail in which the service warns you about the deletion of your IMVU account. If this is the case, you are capable of recovering your account without any problem.

Once you have found the confirmation mail, read it and look for the link that will redirect you a tab for recovering your account when you want. It is important for you to know that the following process just works if you previously verified the mail that you associated to your service. If you did not do this process of verification, it is not possible to recover your IMVU account. This is the reason why the verification of your email is so important in any case.

However, we have to say that if you do not have the confirmation mail, all is not lost yet. We are still capable of help you, but the process is completely different. In this case, you have to look for the Help Center of the service and look for the General Support option there. After doing so, you are required to find the Disable Account option and tap on it. In case you can not find the option, look for the General Topic option first. If you can not find it anyway, be patient because it has to be there.

Once you have found the option, you are required to ensure that your avatar name and your email are included in your information profile in order to avoid future problem. In order to avoid any inconvenience, it can be useful to type another account that can help you to recover your IMVU account in the future. Once the platform has received the info you have sent to it, you IMVU account will be restored as soon as possible. If you have followed these instructions, you can be sure that your account will be restored in any case.

Why an IMVU account was disabled or banned

There are many cases where any IMVU account can be disabled or banned without doing anything. If this is your particular case, you do not have to worry because many people have the same problem sometimes. There are many reasons why any account can be disabled or banned. For instance, you possible deleted it by accident because it can happen. If you have discovered that you delete account Imvu by accident, you just have to follow the previous instructions and that is all.

However, deleting the account is not the only problem people have with the service. There are some people that can forget their passwords and try to type it over and over again. In this case, the platform suspects that a person is trying to hack that account. For this reason, IMVU disables the account to protect owner´s information from any cyberattack. It is also important to mention that some of these accounts have been involved in stolen credits or any other kind of fraud.

If your account has been disabled or banned, you just have to look for the Contact Us option and find the Submit a case option. The platform will help you to complete the process of recuperation of your account.