Delete Account Facebook – Step by Step Guide

If for any reason you need to delete account Facebook, in this article we will detail the steps to follow.

Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms. It allows you to create profiles, upload photos and videos and send messages. In this way you will be able to keep on touch with your friends and family. And any other friend that you have no matter where they are from. And where you find yourself in the world at that moment.

As amazing as this social medial sounds, in some occasions it’s not so great. And if you don’t have the best experience using this platform or you’re just tired of using it and you want to delete your account. You might be wondering how to do it since this kind of platforms don’t really explain how to do this process. Anyway, it does not matter the reason why you want to delete account Facebook because the steps you need to do are the same.

So make sure to read carefully these simple following steps and once this process has been completed. You will see that this account has been successfully deleted. So with the help of this article you will achieve the goal that you were looking for without too much trouble.

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Delete Account Facebook

delete account Facebook

Step One: Go to Facebook

The first thing that you will have to do to be able to delete account Facebook is enter the Facebook website. The moment that you find yourself inside the website enter your password and email address to login to the account. The same way that you are used to doing in the past.

Step Two : Go To the Deletion Page

The deletion page of this kinds of platform is a little difficult to find if you are inside your account. So you can go to the help section of the account, and there you will be able to find the deletion page. Now, that you find yourself in the deletion page. All you will have to do is click on the blue button that says Delete my account.

Step Three: Verify your information

To be able to delete account Facebook, the website needs to know that is really you that has asked to do this. The way that they make sure to do this is by asking you to enter again your password in a little window. That will open on the page after clicking that button. Besides the password you will also have to enter the Captcha that will be seen. You can listen to it if you don’t understand or simply ask to get another one until you find one that you actually understand. When this is done, click on the button that says ok.

Step Four: Click on delete account Facebook.

This is the final step that you will have to go through to be able to delete account Facebook. After doing all of this you will just have to click on the button that says ok. After the little window that will show up in the screen opens. The delete account Facebook process can take around 14 days to be completed. Since if you enter this account during that time you will be able to go back to it.

But if you decide not to enter the account during that time, the account will be successfully deleted from the platform.

What to do before deleting account Facebook

Since this is platform where you will be used to uploading all kinds of things, from videos to photos to anything else similar to that. So it’s normal that if you have used this account for a certain amount of years. You might want to see some of those things every once in a while.

So you have to make sure that if you have decided to go through the process of deleting this account. That you remove all of the pictures and anything else that you want to keep. Since the moment that the account is permanently removed you will lose all of the information that was in this account. Which means that you will not have any kind of access to this pictures. So once this is done, and you saved everything that you feel you will miss in the future and want to see. You can simply go delete account Facebook without any kind of problem.

Temporarily delete account Facebook

If you are no longer excited to use Facebook, the same way that you used to be before. And have been thinking about deleting this account but are not completely sure if you can go through with something like this. There is an option for you this is to deactivate your Facebook account in a temporal way.

This means that other users of the platform will not have access to your profile. And if you decide to go back to this account at some point, all you will have to do is reactivate it. This is a very simple process and here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step one: Go to the settings

The first thing that you need to do is login to your account, enter your password and email to be able to do this. And then find the menu of the site and after that you will see the options. At the bottom of the list you will find the option that says Deactive. This is the link that you have to click on. After that you will only have to answer some of the questions that it will show you before you can click the button to deactivate the account.

Step Two: Select the reason of why you are leaving

And after answering the questions. All you will have to do is select one of the options that the platform offers you to explain the reason why you want to deactivate your account. It doesn’t matter if the reason why you are doing this is not there. Just select one and then you will be able to deactivate the account without problem.

Step Three: Confirm the process

Now, you will only have two things to do to end this process. First you need to make sure you opt out of receiving emails from the platform because if you don’t do this. People can still tag you and send you other things to this account. After that all you have to do is click on the confirm button and the process will be done.