Delete Account Dropbox – Step by Step Guide

In this article we will explain how to delete account Dropbox step by step and in a very simple way. But first let’s get to know some interesting things about this platform so important in this online world. Dropbox can be defined as a cloud storage service that has been created with the main objective of allowing users to share and store any type of file, such as images, documents, videos, songs, images, files and much more.

Many university professors use it to share any type of material with their students.

In case you are required to use this excellent platform, you have the option of creating and account by entering the website and allowing the page to create files on any connected device you have, including personal computers laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

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Even if it is a very good platform for saving your files, there are many people interested in deleting their Dropbox account for many reasons. So, we are going to explain how to delete your Dropbox account in the efficient ways.

What you have to do before delete account Dropbox

How to delete account Dropbox

The first thing you have to do is to sign into the platform on your personal computer to start with the process. You have to do this in order to avoid that your files are deleted as with the Dropbox account. Once you have decided to delete account Dropbox, you will not be capable of signing into the platform or the mobile app again. Consequently, you will not be capable of accessing to files that you forgot to save previously. The best way of backing up the files you need is to enter the platform by using your personal computer.

Once you are on your personal computer, you have to save any file you know you will need in the future. To do so, look for those files and select all of them. Now, combine Command with Ctrl and tap on the files you need to download. Look for the Download button and tap on it. With this button, every file you have selected before will be saved in another ZIP file at the same time. If you do this, you will completely be able to open this file in order to find the files you need in a specific moment.

How to cancel your Dropbox account in an efficient way on your personal computer

delete account Dropbox

If you have saved the files you know you will need in the future, you can continue with the process of deletion of your Dropbox account on your personal computer. To do so, the first thing you are required to do is to visit sign into the account you are interested in deleting. It is important to mention that it you have a Dropbox Pro account, you will be required to cancel the subscription to continue with the process of deletion. To do so, go to and select the I still want downgrade option.

After doing that, you have to tap on the name account with the goal of displaying a menu you need to check. In that menu, you have to look for the Settings option, and then you will automatically be redirected to another tab, which will help to continue with the deletion. Another option you have is to go to the link go directly to that tab. Once you have been redirected to that tab, you have to look for the Account option in order to go to the Storage usage.

delete dropbox account

Now, you have to look for the Delete my Dropbox option and tap on it. It is at this point when you will finally start with the process of deletion once and for all. Type your password in order to confirm that you are the one who wants to delete your Dropbox account and avoid any kind of problem. You will see some reasons why to delete account Dropbox and you are required to choose the one you think it is closely related to yours. It can help the platform to make positive changes later. Finally, tap on the Delete my account option to complete the process and that is all.

How to delete your Dropbox account on your mobile device

You also have the option of deleting your Dropbox account by using your mobile phone without any problem. The first thing to do is to go to your device´s browser and look for the official platform. Many people could not complete the process because they wereusing the mobile app, but this is not an effective way to do so. This means that you are required to go to the official website in order to carry out this kind of process. It is at the website where you can delete your account without any problem.

eliminate dropbox account

Once you are in the website, look for the Desktop version and select it. You just have the possibility of deleting the account by using the desktop version. Otherwise, you will not be able to do it. Once you have located the Desktop version, you have to cancel any subscription you have as with the previous process. To do so, go to and find the I still want to downgrade option. After doing this, you are capable of continuing with the process of deletion.

eliminate account dropbox

Look for your name and select it. Then, go to the Settings option and you will be redirected to another tab to continue. Look for the Account option and select it too. To continue, find the Delete my Dropbox option and press it. After this, you will be required to type your password in order to confirm that you are the one who wants to delete your Dropbox account andavoid any kind of security problem. As with the previous process, you have to select one of the reasons you will see on the screen. Choose one, and then tap on the Delete my account to finish.

How to eliminate account dropbox

As you can see, both processes are incredibly simple. So, you will be able to delete account Dropbox in the most effective way without any problem or limitation. Just do it.