Delete Account Badoo – Step by Step Guide

To avoid that your personal data are exposed, among other things, you may need to delete account Badoo, so in this article I will guide you step by step how to do it.

There is a very big list of all types of social networks that you will have access to in the online world, most of them have the same goal and that is to help the users to connect with other people around the world as long as they have something in common, or because they knew each other before and need someplace to stay in touch, one of this kinds of platforms is Badoo.

This platform was created back in 2006 and it was very popular before the creation of Face book and other similar platforms that were made available to the public since that time. But even thought it was used by around thousands of people around the world, like many older platforms people just stopped using it or simply replaced it with another platform because people simply didn’t feel like they needed it anymore.

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Since you created this account in Badoo, and started to think about how to delete account Badoo you probably didn’t do this, and years later you are receiving some information through your email about this account that you didn’t even remember that you had and now you are sure that you don’t need it and won’t use it anymore but don’t know how to delete account Badoo, we will show you what it is that you need to do to be able to perform this process without trouble.

Why do you want to delete this account?

Like we mentioned before, the use of this account simply seemed to decrease after some of the most popular social media platforms were created a few years later than this one, and the excitement of the others simply buried this one, or left it with a little bit of less use of than before but besides this it managed to get through this and still work to this day.

If it wasn’t because of other platforms, another reason why people might have left this account it could simply be because they either felt it was taking a little bit too much time for them or they just decided to start hanging out with other friends and didn’t really need this account to keep in contact with them anymore.

Whatever it is the reason of why you stopped using this account, it doesn’t really matter if you are looking for a way to delete account Badoo, below we will show you exactly what you need to know to be able to complete the delete account Badoo without trouble.

What you need to do first?

If you have decided that you are completely ready to remove you account Badoo, there are a few things that you need to do before you are truly ready to start this termination process so you will not regret doing this in the end. The process is very simple, so before doing this very quickly make sure that if you remember the password; you will enter the account and check for a few things.

Once you are inside, make sure that you remove all of the things that you feel that you will need if they are lost after the deletion process, things like photos, videos, you can even save some of the conversations that you have here with other users so you can look at them if you need to, or simply look for all of the important information that you entered this platforms in the past to make sure that this is not lost once the account is finally gone.

Once this process of looking for information is over, you will be completely ready to delete account Badoo without any kind of trouble, to do this you will just have to read the steps that we will explain in the rest of this article.

Delete account badoo

delete account Badoo 2

The process that you will have to go through to be able to delete you account Badoo is something very simple, it will separate into the seven steps that we will explain to you below in this article. So thankfully, this will be a way to help you terminate this account without causing you any kind of trouble in the process that you will go through to be able to achieve the goal that you were trying to get to without troubles.

If you have already saved all of the things that you will need from this account, and are completely sure that completing the process of eliminate account Badoo is what you want to do make sure you follow the steps we will describe below since not doing this right will just mean that you have to perform this process all over again to make sure that this has been completely and successfully done, now that you know this you can perform the following easy steps:

  • The first step that you will have to go through to delete account Badoo, is enter the official website, and simply click on the ‘sign in’ button.
  • After doing that you will have to enter the answers to the boxes that will show up, this is simply entering your email account and the password of this account
  • Once you are inside the platform go to the ‘settings’ option, and then simply select the option that you will find on the left of the screen where it says ‘Delete Profile’. After doing that you will see certain options, one of them being deactivating the account, you will have to click on the ‘Continue deleting profile link’.
  • Then you will have to enter your email and password again, to verify that this is actually you and after that, you will also have to write down the reason why you want to delete account Badoo. This field is necessary to delete account Badoo but you can be very brief in this description.
  • After doing that all you will have to do is click on the button that says, ‘Ok, I am ready. Delete my profile’.
  • You will see a message on the screen that says, ‘Your profile has been deleted’. If you check your email you will see a message that confirms this, and you will also receive a recovery link in case you regret this decision, but this will only work for a week, after that the account will not exist anymore.